What is Beard Balm?

how to use beard balm

Despite the growing popularity of beard balm, plenty of folks still scratch their heads and wonder what is beard balm.

And for good reason, as there’s no standard definition of what beard balm is or what ingredients should go into it.

Some companies also sell a bewildering array of products, with beard balm in dozens of scents and strengths along with beard oils, beard butters, beard wax, and who knows what else.

We keep things very simple with Brawn beard balm and our Boss beard oil.

What is Beard Balm?

Merriam-Webster defines a balm as “something that gives comfort and support” and a “soothing restorative agency”.

That’s what we have in mind when selecting beard balm ingredients and what we aim for with each batch of Brawn that we cook up on our small Tennessee farm.

We don’t believe a beard balm should be too stiff and waxy. It should support and accentuate the natural shape of your beard — not overwhelm your beard and stiffly shape it with wax.

A good beard balm should moisturize and strengthen both your beard and the skin beneath, working to restore dry or itchy skin.

The best beard balms do their work quietly, in the background, with a soothing, natural aroma and just enough hold to tame flyaway hairs while supporting the natural shape of your beard.

What Ingredients are in Beard Balm?

beard oilMost beard balm makers go out of their way to avoid listing their ingredients. You can’t really answer the question “What is beard balm?” if you don’t even know what’s in the product.

That’s now how we operate. We’re proud of Brawn and we prominently list the ingredients front and center on every label.

We use beeswax for hold, along with cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil for the foundation of Brawn beard balm.

We also include argan oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil, along with a variety of fragrances and scents.

Our most important ingredienta, though, are good-old fashioned hard work and persistence.

We didn’t start making Brawn to cash in on the beard care craze; we started making our Brawn beard balm because we work hard on the farm all day and wanted a simple, effective beard balm that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The same is true of our Boss beard oil and ‘Stache mustache wax. Good quality beard products at half the cost of rival products — that’s what we aim for with every beard product that we make.

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