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We’re pretty proud of our Burly Beard Soap and think you’ll love the thicker, fuller beard you get after using it just a few times.

Our recipe is designed to produce a long-last bar of natural soap that deeply conditions your beard without drying it out or stripping away natural oils.

We load Burly up with conditioning oils such as olive oil and argan oil, while shea butter and cocoa butter add smoothness and deep moisturizing.

Use Burly beard soap every 2-3 days and you’ll quickly see and feel your beard become softer, thicker, and fuller. Both beard balm and beard oil are most effective when applied to a damp, clean beard.

Burly is lightly scented with natural cedarwood oil and patchouli oil and each bar weighs about 4 ounces.

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Beard soapHow Beard Soap Works

Making a good natural beard soap is difficult as you need to balance cleansing power and conditioning action.

Coconut oil makes a great hand and body soap but it can leave hair dry and brittle as its high cleanings power strips away natural oils and moisturizers found on hair follicles.

That’s especially problematic for beards, as washing your beard too often or using a harsh soap can strip away nourishing oils and butters and counteract all the hard work your beard balm and beard oil is doing.

The good news? With the right soap making experience and smarts, it’s possible to make a soap like Burly that balances all of the above.

While some men use Burly daily on their beards, we recommend that you start by using it it every 2-3 days.

Beards and hair type can be very different so start slow and see how your beard reacts.

If used with a soap dish, a single bar of Burly can last for several months.

Burly Beard Soap ingredients:

Olive oil, spring water, canola oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, shea butter, argan oil, cocoa butter, patchouli oil, and cedarwood oil.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My girlfriend bought be the balm, beard oil, and beard soap together for my birthday and the soap is amazing. It definitely adds volume and you can see the difference after just a few uses. Other soaps I tried dried out my beard too much but this one works great and the bar lasts for a really long time.

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