Beard Growth Tips

beard growth tips
Some simple tips can help you measure up in the beard growth race.

There aren’t any shortcuts in the pursuit of an amazing beard but you can maximize beard growth by following a few simple tips.

The good news? Most men can amp up their beard growth by barely lifting a finger.

The bad news? There’s no magic tonic or pill that’ll turn you into Gandalf overnight.

Some beards take years to get there and the biggest factor behind beard growth is simple genetics: something you can’t do too much about.

Beard Growth Myths

Let’s start by puncturing a few balloons. Shaving doesn’t cause facial hair to grow back thicker and biotin and testosterone supplements are virtually useless when growing a beard.

Men with average testosterone levels will see no added growth from taking supplements (and risk serious health consequences from increasing testosterone levels) and biotin supplements for hair and beard growth have little science backing them.

Like it or not, your rate of beard growth is what it is. Work with what you have and avoid magic, expensive pills.

Eat Good, Grow Beard

The best thing you can do for your beard is to eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Get enough zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D to keep testosterone levels at natural, optimum levels.

Get plenty of sunshine and eat lots of eggs, fish, red meat, broccoli, and spinach. Dairy and nuts will help with vitamin A, C, and E and boosting your B vitamins may also help with beard growth.

Taking a general purpose multi-vitamin may not be necessary if you’re eating right but is a safe hedge in general for many men.

Live Right = Bountiful Beard

Stress and lack of sleep can be the biggest thing holding your beard back, as both have been directly linked to hair loss in several studies.

Regular exercise may improve blood circulation and general skin and hair health, while getting enough sleep gives your body time to rest, recuperate, and recharge.

If you’re a smoker, keep in mind that your nicotine fix may be holding back your beard. Smoking can impair circulation and decrease levels of vitamins that are critical for hair growth.

Healthy Skin and Healthy Beards Go Hand in Hand

Pamper the skin on your face and your beard growth may benefit as well. Try to avoid very long, hot showers that dry out skin and use a moisturizer and conditioner like our Brawn beard balm or Boss beard oil right after you shower.

Beard products such as balms and oils may not directly boost beard growth but they can do yeoman’s work by keeping skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturized.

Healthy hair follicles can grow faster so be sure to take care of that precious facial skin if you want to growth the best beard possible.