Beard Care Guide for Lazy Men

beard care guide
Five minutes with a good beard balm and comb can do wonders for your beard with a minimum of beard care fuss.

We get it. A lot of men who grow beards are trying to avoid all that wasted time shaving so beard care isn’t something they lose sleep over.

Just keep in mind that it’s not an all or nothing proposition and that less than 5 minutes of beard care in the morning can make a world of difference in how your beard looks and feels.

Slap on some beard balm, give it a good combing with a wooden beard comb, and you’re on your way.

Add a good washing every two to three days with beard soap and a dollop of beard oil for added volume and conditioning and you’ll be ready for the Beard Olympics.

Beard Care for Lazy Men

Step 1: Shower time

Basic hygiene will serve your beard well but keep a few things in mind.

Beard hair is similar to a dog’s coat. Simply rinsing with water in the shower will keep it clean and try to avoid too much shampooing.

Commercial shampoos can strip away protective natural oils so try to avoid them and instead use a beard soap or beard wash with conditioners designed for beards.

You typically only need to shampoo your beard once or twice a week. Too frequent shampooing can lead to dry, brittle beard hairs.

Step 2: Balm time

A lot of men scoff at using beard balm or any beard products. We know, because we used to be one of them.

Plain talk: beard balm takes almost no time to apply and it really does make your beard softer and gives it some shape.

If you’re not into a softer, healthier beard that looks better, fair enough.

If you are into that, using beard balm is pretty easy. Scoop some out, rub it between your fingers until liquid, then work into your beard.

Most men start at the top of their beard and work down. If you need more balm, simply scoop more out.

You can comb or brush the balm into your beard or simply let it air dry and absorb.

Step 3: Comb or brush

If you look for birds and small woodland creatures to nest in your beard, fine. It’s a free world.

But there’s no reason to not exert a minimal amount of effort to brush or comb your beard out from time to time.

Wooden combs are best as they won’t generate static electricity or create as many split ends. Some men prefer beard brushes, with a boar bristle brush typically the best choice for beards.